How Can I Make a Registration Form in Access?

Updated February 21, 2017

Creating a registration form in Microsoft Access saves time, since forms are built from existing tables or queries. Any additions, deletions and modifications are applied to related tables. This minimises duplicate entries. The form wizard walks you through each step of the process. You can customise the fields and data you want to include in your registration form. You can also scroll through records manually, or search for them automatically in the form interface.

Open the Access database you want to use.

Go to the "Create" tab. Click "More Forms" and "Form Wizard" from the "Forms" group. The Form Wizard opens.

Click the "Tables/Queries" drop-down menu.

Select the table or query that contains the fields for your registration form.

Go to the "Available Fields" section and double-click the fields you want to include in the form, such as a student's ID, name, address, phone number and class. The fields are added under "Selected Fields." Click "Next."

Select the type of layout you want to use: "Columnar," "Tabular," "Datasheet" or "Justified." Click "Next."

Pick the style for the registration form and click "Next."

Enter a title name for the form, such as "Student Registration Form."

Select "Open the form to view or enter information." Click "Finish."

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