DIY Fishbowl Centerpieces

Updated February 21, 2017

A fishbowl is more than a home for fish. Fishbowl centrepieces are time-saving centrepieces for everyday use or for special occasions. Fishbowls come in a variety of sizes and are inexpensive to purchase. Pick them up at craft stores, floral stores or pet stores. Combine sizes to make a more elaborate centrepiece display.

Select a floral oasis ring large enough to span the bottom of the fishbowl. Soak the floral oasis in water until thoroughly saturated.

Set the fishbowl inside of the floral oasis.

Push the flower stems into the floral oasis until the oasis is completely covered.

Fill the fishbowl about 2/3 full of room temperature water. Add the water preparation solution to the water according to the manufacturer's directions. Follow the directions precisely so the water is safe for the fish.

Add two goldfish to the fishbowl.

Soak a floral oasis ring that fits around the bottom of the fishbowl with water until it is thoroughly saturated.

Push the stems of flowers into the oasis ring until the ring is fully covered.

Fill the fishbowl about 1/3 of the way with sand.

Place a candle in the centre of the fishbowl. Choose a candle that doesn't protrude over the top of the fishbowl.

Scatter small seashells around the candle.

Mix the key limes and kumquats together and add them to the bowl until the bowl is about half full.

Fill the bowl with water.

Cut the stems of the flowers at an angle with very sharp scissors and push them into the fishbowl until the bowl opening is fully covered with the flowers.


If you are using silk flowers, there is no need to soak the floral oasis in water. For wedding or graduation events, used coloured sand to match the wedding or school colours. Cut flower stems with sharp scissors immediately before placing them in water or in the floral oasis. Use any small, colourful frights and flowers that match the colours of the fruits. Use colourful marbles or rocks instead of fruits.

Things You'll Need

  • Fishbowl
  • Oasis ring
  • Fresh or silk flowers
  • Water
  • Water preparation solution
  • 2 goldfish
  • Sand
  • Candle
  • Seashells
  • 24 key limes
  • 24 kumquats
  • 25 Peruvian lilies
  • Scissors
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