How to Mount a Spear on a Wall

Updated February 21, 2017

Displaying artefacts, such as weapons on a wall requires proper mounting. To mount a spear directly on a wall, use equipment that will hold the spear firmly in place. The equipment can be acquired from a hardware store. The tools needed are typically already in most homes, but you'll need an assistant; this is a two-person project.

Measure between the shaft and the handle of the spear with a tape measure. Place an "X" on the wall with a pencil where you want the shaft of the spear to be located.

Measure across the wall and make an "X" where the handle of the spear will be mounted

Have an assistant hold the spear against the wall, lining up the "X" marks with the shaft and handle.

Staple the spear to the wall with four U-clamp staples from a staple gun at each "X" mark.

Measure the length of the spear with a tape measure and subtract 5 inches from the total.

Place an "X" on the wall with a pencil where the point of the spear will be located.

Measure across from the "X" to the other side, using the measurement written down, and make another "X" mark.

Screw a U-angled bracket to the wall at each "X" mark using wood screws and a Phillips screwdriver.

Place the spear on the flat end of the U-bracket that is level with the floor. Adjust the spear so that it does not wobble on the brackets.

Mount a wall bracket to the wall with wood screws using a Phillips screwdriver. Measure across from the wall bracket to the other side, using the measurement taken from the length of the spear, minus 10 inches.

Mount the second wall bracket at the end of the measurement in the same manner as the first.

Have an assistant hold the spear against the two "X" marks, with the tip facing to the right. Place a toggle bolt through each end of a flat bracket.

Place the bracket against the shaft of the spear. Hand screw the toggle bolts into the holes above and below the shaft and on the bracket that is on the wall. Tighten the toggle bolts with pliers.

Repeat this procedure to secure the handle of the spear to the other bracket on the wall.


Weigh the spear before mounting it to access how heavy it is -- this affects the type of mounting equipment that will be needed.


Place a rubber or plastic sheath over the tip of the spear as an added safety precaution.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • U-clamp staples
  • Staple gun
  • 2 U-angled brackets, 12-inch
  • Wood screws
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • 2 wall brackets, 8-inch
  • 4 toggle bolts
  • 2 flat brackets, 4-inch
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