How to Wire a DSL Modem to CAT 5

Updated April 17, 2017

CAT 5, or Category 5, network cable is designed for ease of installation and is capable of delivering network data speeds of up to 100 Mbps. Connecting a DSL modem to a router/firewall or a computer requires a CAT 5 cable equipped with RJ45 eight-pin connectors on each side. Wire a DSL modem to a computer or router/firewall to complete a new DSL modem installation.

Plug one end of a CAT 5 straight-through patch cable into the eight-pin LAN port on the DSL modem. Push the connector into the port until you hear a "click."

Plug the other end of the CAT5 straight-through patch cable into the WAN/Internet port on a router/firewall or the eight-pin network port on a computer. Push the connector into the port until you hear a "click.'

Power up the computer or power up the router connected to the DSL modem. Plug the power adaptor for the DSL modem into a wall socket to power up the modem.

Watch the green and amber lights on the DSL LAN port and the WAN/Internet port on the router or on the network port of the computer and verify that the lights are blinking on both sides, indicating that communication is established.

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