How to Make a USB Bridge Cable

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For many people, the initial reaction to a computer part that doesn't fit perfectly is to return it (if possible) and get a different one. However, returns are not always possible and even when they are, it is sometimes more economical to purchase an adaptor rather than a (more often than not) more expensive part. Such is the case with USB cables, while they aren't too expensive, if you have two regular (male to male) cables it is easy to create a USB bridge cable with a USB bridging adaptor.

Take one of your normal USB cables and connect one end to your USB device (e.g. computer, flash drive, external hard drive, etc.).

Plug the other end of the cable to a USB bridging adaptor, and then connect your second USB cable to the other end of the adaptor.

Connect the other end of your second USB cable to the other USB device you want to connect. You have now successfully created and used a bridged USB cable.

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