How to Connect a Webcam to a TV

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Webcams typically connect to a computer through a USB data cable that runs from the rear of the device. However, it is possible to connect a webcam to other monitors and equipment, such as a television. Although most televisions do not have a USB port, and even fewer support webcam playback (most USB ports on television are for images and video files) you may convert the USB connection to fit into one of the video inputs on your TV.

Connect one end of the female to female adaptor onto the USB cable running out of the webcam. The USB-to-RCA cable connection, like the webcam, has a male connection, so the only way you may connect the two devices is by using the female to female adaptor.

Insert the USB end of the USB-to-RCA cable adaptor into the opposite female USB connection.

Plug the RCA cables on the adaptor into one of the "Video In" ports, located (typically) on the rear of the television. Unless your webcam has a built-in microphone, you do not need to connect the red and the white cables.

Power on the television and press the "Input" button, then choose the video port you are connected to. The image capture by the webcam appears on the television.

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