How to Hook Up a PS2 to an Old TV and VCR

video game control pad image by Paul Hill from

An old TV might still produce audio and video acceptable for a gaming system, such as a PlayStation 2, but it might not be equipped with jacks for connecting the console. Older TVs use a coaxial jack to hook up an antenna or cable service, but a PS2 uses composite AV connections. One way to get around this incompatibility is to connect the gaming console to a VCR, then connect the VCR to the TV. Two types of cables are needed.

Connect the rectangular black plug on one end of the PS2 cables to the back of the gaming system by pushing the plug straight into the jack.

Insert the yellow, red and white plugs on the other end of the cables into the colour-coded AV IN jacks on the VCR.

Turn the threaded coupler on one end of the coaxial cable clockwise around the RF OUT jack on the VCR, then connect the coupler on the other end to the RF IN jack on the back of the TV. Tighten the couplers by hand to secure the cable.

Turn on the PS2, VCR and TV, then set the TV to channel 3 or 4.

Press the "Input" button on the VCR repeatedly until the PS2 signal appears on the TV.

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