How to Find Information With Phone Numbers

Updated March 23, 2017

There may be times when an unfamiliar phone number is left on your caller ID and you're curious to know who called. Solve this phone number mystery is by using a reverse lookup service. This service allows you to retrieve a wide range of information associated with that phone number, including the person's name and address.

Use a reverse lookup directory. There are several online reverse lookup services, such as AT&T's AnyWho service.

Enter the phone number (including the area code) in the search box. Make sure there are no spaces between the digits. Type the phone number using either one of the following formats: 1234567890 or (123)456-7890. Click "Find."

Review the information on the screen. The reverse lookup retrieves the individuals and/or businesses associated with that number. It also provides the home and/or business address. There's also a map of the home and/or business location, and you have the option of getting directions to the home and/or business.


The AnyWho phone lookup only accesses information associated with landline phone numbers. You cannot perform a reverse lookup using a cell phone number. The reverse phone number lookup also includes a listing of other public records associated with the phone number, such as civil court records, social networking profiles and address history. You must purchase those records.

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