How to Mix All-Purpose Flour With Bread Flour

Updated July 19, 2017

Bread flour contains about two per cent more protein than all-purpose flour; the extra protein content affects the structure and texture of the bread. If you find that you do not have enough bread flour for a recipe, substitute all-purpose flour for the remainder of the bread flour. Make a few adjustments to the recipe so your mixture of flours will achieve the same results as using all bread flour.

Use unbleached all-purpose flour if you can -- it has a slightly higher protein content than bleached flour.

Add an extra tablespoon of flour for each cup of all-purpose flour you use in place of bread flour.

Add 1 tsp of vital wheat gluten and 1 1/4 tsp water for each cup of all-purpose flour to obtain a chewier texture.


Knead more flour into the dough if you find it is too sticky to knead effectively.

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