How to Grate Almond Paste

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Almond paste is an ingredient found in Italian desserts, such as Marzipan. It is made from a mixture of grounds almonds, sugar and egg whites. Almond paste can be found in grocery stores or made from scratch at home. If you are using a recipe that calls for grated almond paste, you may find it difficult to do since the consistency is so soft. There is a quick trick you can use, however, that will make this process very easy.

Cut a portion of your prepared almond paste using a sharp knife. You will need to estimate how much to cut based on how much grated almond paste your recipe calls for.

Wrap the cut section of almond paste in cling film.

Place wrapped almond paste into the freezer for half-an-hour. If it is not solid after the half-hour, leave in freezer and continue checking it every 10 minutes until almond paste is solid.

Remove solid almond paste from freezer and unwrap.

Place hand grater over small bowl, and grate almond paste into the bowl. Add to your recipe as called for.

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