How to Fix a Diplomatic Washing Machine That Won't Spin

Updated February 21, 2017

Diplomat-branded washing machines were manufactured for the now-defunct British houseware and appliance retailer MFI by a range of manufacturers including Smeg, Fagor-Brandt and Antonio Merloni. The simplest way of fixing a Diplomat brand washing machine that won't spin is to follow some simple troubleshooting steps. Diplomat appliances are no longer manufactured by any appliance company, and finding spare parts can be difficult. Troubleshooting your Diplomat appliance does not require any special tools or expertise.

Check the water intake hoses at the back of the appliance for kinks, twists or sharp turns. Washing machines will not spin until the drum has filled with water. Ensure both shut-off valves, located where the intake pipes meet the wall, are turned to the "Open" position.

Replace any blown fuses or reset any tripped breakers protecting the washing machine's electrical circuit. Some washing machines need two working fuses or breakers to spin. Contact an electrician if you need help or are unsure whether your home uses fuses or breakers.

Reduce the number of items inside the washing machine's drum, as the washing machine won't spin if the load is too heavy, to avoid damage to the motor and drum. Try washing half your laundry now and half later. Wash heavy blankets or upholstery separately with a few smaller items for balance.

Check that you have programmed the washing machine correctly. Soak cycles include little spinning to protect delicate fabrics. Make sure you tightly close the washing machine's door and press the "Start" button. The washing machine won't fill or spin if the door is left slightly open.

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