How to raise the levels of bed frames

Updated February 21, 2017

Raising the level of your bed frame can have both practical and aesthetic benefits. You may want to free up additional storage space under the bed, or you may want your bed to appear elegant and romantic like the ones often shown in magazines. The two different types of bed frame risers -- rectangular bed risers and oblong slotted risers -- work with nearly any bed, so you should choose a set that appeals to your tastes.

Lift one corner of the bed and slide the bed frame riser beneath the leg of the bed, if you are using the type of bed riser that rests under the legs of the bed. Lower the corner of the bed carefully, ensuring that the leg of the bed is squarely in the middle of the bed riser.

Lift the foot of the bed to install the oblong slotted risers, if that is the option you chose. Slide the slotted area up onto the metal frame. Gently lower the bed back down, making sure that the metal frame is secure in the slot of the riser.

Repeat the process with your particular bed risers for the rest of the bed. Install rectangular bed risers at all four legs of the bed, and locate oblong slotted risers at the foot and head of the bed.

Things You'll Need

  • Bed
  • Rectangular bed risers
  • Oblong slotted risers
  • Assistant
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