Instructions for a ceragem bed

Keith Brofsky/Valueline/Getty Images

A Ceragem bed is a thermal-massage bed made by Ceragem International. According to Ceragem's website, the beds use massaging action combined with far-infrared heat to provide therapeutic benefits, including muscle pain relief, joint and back pain relief, and stress relief.

Ceragem beds aren't designed for overnight sleeping, but for use during therapeutic massage sessions. Follow the directions below to use a Ceragem bed in its automatic mode for a preprogrammed 40-minute session.

Make sure the remote control is securely plugged into the receptacle marked "remote control" on the side of the Ceragem bed.

Plug the main power supply into your wall outlet. Turn on the power to the bed at the power switch on the side of the bed.

Turn on the remote control using its power switch. Using the remote control, select the temperature of the main (internal) projector and the ball projectors - these are the massagers. According to the Ceragem owner's manual, a generally recommended temperature for these features is 45 to 55 degrees Celsius.

Set the temperature for the epoxy carbon panel, which heats the mats, using the dial on the side of the bed. According to the Ceragem owner's manual, the generally recommended setting is "3" or "4."

Lie down on the bed on your back, with your head at the top of the main mat and your feet at the bottom of the supplemental mat.

Press the automatic set-up button on the remote control. The bed will then automatically begin its preprogrammed 40-minute massage session.

Use the semi-automatic control buttons on the remote control to apply heat and massage to specific parts of your body, if desired, when the preprogrammed session has ended.

Turn off the power on the remote control, then switch off the main power. Unplug the bed at the wall outlet.