Reebok Stepper Instructions

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Gone are the days when you need to set a room of your house aside to use your stepper machine. Reebok's Mini Stepper provides as rigorous a workout as larger stepping machines, with the added bonus that it can be stashed away in a cupboard after use.

The Reebok Mini Stepper comes with clip-on hand attachments and its foot paddles twist as you step, providing a full-body workout.

Set your Reebok Mini Stepper down in the centre of a room. Make sure there is no furniture or sharp edges nearby, in case you fall off.

Step onto the foot paddles, one at a time. Do not lift your second foot onto the stepper until your first is secure.

Push down whichever of your feet is in a raised position. Your other foot will be lifted as you push down. Repeat this motion, only push down with the foot just raised. Try to get into a comfortable rhythm and maintain it.

Turn the knob on the front of the Reebok Stepper to alter the resistance level. Choose lower resistance for a cardiovascular, calorie-burning workout and higher resistance to increase toning of you bum and thighs.

Clip on hand attachments to designated bars on the front of the Reebok Mini Stepper. Each hand attachment is connected to the stepper by an elasticated rope. As you push down with one foot, pull up the opposite hand grip. So, for example, if you are pushing down with your right foot, you should be pulling up with you left hand.