How to Make My BlackBerry Phone Number Not Appear on Outgoing Calls

Updated July 19, 2017

There are various reasons why you may wish to hide your cell phone number when making calls from your BlackBerry smartphone. If you use your BlackBerry for business, you may not want your clients and business contacts to have access to your personal number. BlackBerry phones allow you to stop your number from appearing on caller ID when you make outgoing calls.

Press the "Call" button. The "Call" button has a green telephone logo.

Press the "Menu" button.

Using the click-wheel or touchscreen, select and click "Options," then "General Options."

Scroll to the "Restrict My Identity" option. Click and select "Always."

Press the "Menu" button, then click "Save."


Check that your configuration change has worked by calling another phone that you have access to. Sometimes a provider network setting can override your BlackBerry configuration. Contact your service provider if you require further details.


Some cellular providers' voicemail services will require you to manually input your phone number to access your messages if you hide your caller ID.

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