How to fix a steam iron

Updated February 21, 2017

Fix your steam iron by addressing the problems most steam iron manufacturers outline you may experience. These manufacturers provide guidelines on how to fix these issues. They do not recommend disassembling your steam iron; this may void the warranty or cause damage beyond repair. If you can't resolve the issue on your own, contact the manufacturer directly for further assistance.

Pour the water from the reservoir into a sink and replace with tap water. Using distilled or softened water may cause the iron to leak.

Heat the iron sufficiently before using; do not use until the indicator light shuts off or turns on, depending on your model. Using the iron before it is ready may cause the iron to work incorrectly.

Shake the iron back and forth a few times if the iron does not work, but is turned on and plugged in. Your steam iron may have an "auto-off" function that shuts it off after it sits for a period of time.

Turn the steam control higher if the steam function does not work. You may have set the setting too low to produce adequate steam.

Turn the steam control back and forth between the maximum and minimum settings a couple times to clear any blockages if the steam function continues not to function.

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