How to Troubleshoot a Morphy Richards Jet Stream Elite

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Morphy Richards has been making domestic appliances since 1936. Products today include irons, water kettles and toasters. Morphy Richards' Jet Stream steam generator irons include extra-large, separate water tanks to allow for longer ironing sessions.

The devices include stainless steel soleplates which help avoid rucking, vertical steaming functionality for freshening up curtains and blinds, and powerful steam rates. Problems with the irons can include no steam, no heat, and lime scale build-up.

Remove the water tank and fill it before using the Jet Stream if there's no steam being emitted. Slide the tank outwards and remove the anti-scale cartridge by pulling it upwards. Fill the tank with plain tap water and reassemble.

Plug the iron into the household power outlet if there's no heat. Turn the power switch on the base to the "On" position and look for the indicator light. Turn the temperature gauge clockwise to heat the iron up. The temperature light goes off when the temperature set is reached.

Replace the anti-scale cartridge if lime scale builds up. In soft water environments the cartridge will need replacing every 6 months if you use the iron for a couple of hours a week. If your water is medium to hard, replace it every 3 to 1-1/2 months. If you don't iron very much you may well be able to increase the time between changes. Follow the instructions from Step 1 to remove the old cartridge. Pull the plate and foam pad off the new cartridge, attach the new cartridge, and reattach the foam pad and plate. Makes sure they lock into position.