How to Disassemble an E-System 3082

Written by joshua laud | 13/05/2017

If your E-System 3082 laptop is damaged or not working, taking it to a computer technician can be costly. Instead, you might want to disassemble your E-System 3082 and fix it yourself.

Clear a work space where you can place the laptop parts out carefully. Make sure there are no liquids, static electricity anything else nearby that could cause damage.

Unplug your laptop and remove the battery so there is no power running through your 3082.

Undo the screws on the bottom of the laptop to remove all detachable components. This will reveal the inner motherboard of your laptop and the reverse of the keyboard. Keep the screws next to each connective panel and detachable module removed to remember where they go.

Unscrew the screws that connect to the keyboard. You may have to undo screws at the top of the laptop as well.

Unscrew the remaining screws that show the main panel. This will remove the main motherboard from your laptop. You will now have completely disassembled your E-Systems 3082.

Things you need

  • Philips screwdriver

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