How to install an insinkerator air switch

Updated March 23, 2017

Garbage disposals are practically a necessary kitchen appliance. Sometimes the wall switches that operate these units make them less convenient than they should be. An InSinkErator air switch eliminates the problem of having to route wire from the access panel, across the attic and down the wall to install a separate wall switch. These air switches are installed on the kitchen counter next to the sink, locating them at the point of need instead of across the room.

Grasp the air switch and use your thumb to push up on the nickel push button. If you desire another finish, remove the satin nickel ring manually from the push button component. Put the button inside the push button body.

Position the decorative ring of choice over the button. Push firmly on the sides of the decorative ring, until it pops into lock position on the push button component.

Use a hole saw to cut the 1 ΒΌ-inch hole into the counter top at the predetermined measured and marked location. Insert the assembled push button component into the hole you just cut.

Position the rubber gasket between the push button and the counter top. Reach under the counter, mount the plastic washer/nut onto the push button assembly and tighten it into place, being sure to create a tight seal.

Route the air line/tube from the push button assembly to the power module of the InSinkErator you will plug into the under-counter outlet. Insert the tubing first onto the button assembly, pushing it firmly all the way up on the tubing insert nipple. Do the same for the tubing insert nipple on the power module that you will plug into the outlet.

Plug the power module into the under-counter outlet. Plug the disposal's cord into the power module you just plugged in. Depress the installed air switch on the counter to see if the InSinkErator comes on and works properly. Push it again to turn it off.


If the disposal does not come on, check the plugs and outlet; then, check the breaker to see if it has tripped.


Read the instructions on the InSinkErator to learn what materials it can and cannot grind.

Things You'll Need

  • InSinkErator air switch assembly
  • Labelled assembly instructions
  • Hole saw
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