How to Set Up a Hozelock 2000 Pond Pump

koi in the water image by Chong Ching Hooi from

Hozelock no longer makes filter pumps under the Titan brand for various sizes of waterfalls or ponds. The company went to its EasyClear, Prima and Cascade brands for more advanced features. However, that doesn't mean the Titan 2000 -- referring to its maximum flow of 2,000 to 15,000 litres per hour -- won't be sufficient for your purposes. Some ponds or waterfalls require larger pumps, though, so check with your pond manufacturer before you start.

Drain the pond fully if you're replacing an existing pump. Place your Titan 2000 at the bottom-centre of the pond or waterfall before adding water. This placement maximises the pump's flow and filtration capabilities.

Cut the non-threaded end of your pump hosing to a length that will reach out from the centralised pump into another section of the pond.

Press the threaded end of your outtake hosing onto the pump's hose tail, which accommodates various sizes. Seal the connection by using a screwdriver to attach a hosing clamp.

Thread the hose tail onto the Titan 2000s water outtake.

Run the pump's electrical cord, concealed under gravel if you'd like, to the nearest electrical socket but do not plug it in.

Fill the pond or waterfall with water. Plug the pump in once it's fully submerged.

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