Chronicles of Narnia Birthday Party Ideas

Written by sylvia branch | 13/05/2017
Chronicles of Narnia Birthday Party Ideas
Your guests will feel like they opened the door to Narnia when they arrive at your party. (door image by Svetlana Kashkina from

The C.S. Lewis classic adventure, Chronicles of Narnia, offers a whole new world as a theme. Invite your guests to go on a birthday adventure by sending them an official-looking decree on parchment paper. Tell them the white witch has returned. Transform the party room into a winter wonderland and set up games to help "restore the land."

Chronicle of Narnia Decoration Ideas

Chronicles of Narnia Birthday Party Ideas
Fans of the Chronicles of Narnia know Aslan, the "Great Lion," as the guardian of Narnia. (lion 1 image by michael luckett from

Borrow several fake Christmas trees to set up in the main party room. If you cannot do this, cardboard cutouts will work. Cover existing furniture with white sheets. Lay another white sheet or piece of fabric on the floor. Place stuffed animals around the room and use pillows for seats.

Draw a large lion on a piece of cardboard and colour it in or order a cardboard lion prop from Cardboard Stand Ups. Have the guests pose next to this lion, Aslan.

Chronicles of Narnia Costume Ideas

Chronicles of Narnia Birthday Party Ideas
If possible, let the party guests put on a fur coat to pose for pictures. (young woman in coat image by Avesun from

Gather items that the guests can use as costumes. Place a large box of costume items by the entrance to the party for the kids to choose from as they arrive. Include long winter coats, capes, armour, swords and sweaters.

You can dress up as the White Witch with a long white dress, fake fur cape, crown and baby powder or white face make-up.

Chronicles of Narnia Food Ideas

Chronicles of Narnia Birthday Party Ideas
Your guests can pretend they are characters from the Chronicles of Narnia, while enjoying a meal. (thanksgiving dinner image by Richard Amidon III from

Make a batch of Turkish delights for the party. The recipe is included in the resources. Make with the party guests, or hand out as a party favour.

Choose a fancier dinner than is typically served at a birthday party. Consider serving a Thanksgiving-like meal. Chicken or turkey and vegetables paired with mashed potatoes, stuffing and biscuits that can all be prepared quickly if you use the box mixes.

Include a white cake with iridescent sprinkles. Add frosted upside-down sugar cones to make castle towers on top. A simple sheet cake could also be cut into squares and placed in coffee filters to serve.

Chronicles of Narnia Game Ideas

Chronicles of Narnia Birthday Party Ideas
Partygoers can test their aim with toy bows and arrows. (young boy shooting an arrow image by Piter Pkruger from

Play a game of hide and seek if you have the room for it, or have the guests hide an action figure character from the Chronicles of Narnia. Give the person who is hiding the object a few minutes to find a spot and return to the group before letting the rest of the party guests look for it. You can incorporate, "hot and cold" if the hunt is taking a long time. Have the person who hid the character say, "hot" if the person searching is close and, "cold" if the person is far away.

Set up a hula hoop in a door frame or hang it from a tree outside. Have the guests use a toy bow to shoot an arrow through the hoop. You also can use a Nerf gun or have them throw a softball through the hoop.

Print out the Chronicles of Narnia paper dolls from the Narnia Resources link in the References section. Use card stock when printing, or paste onto a stiffer piece of paper. The guests can colour their dolls and take them home as a party favour. Use information on the official Narnia website to create trivia questions for the party.


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