How to Pick a Wall Paint to Coordinate With Red Carpeting

Written by erin schreiner | 13/05/2017
How to Pick a Wall Paint to Coordinate With Red Carpeting
Pick the right hue to pair with your red carpeting. (Thomas Northcut/Digital Vision/Getty Images)

Tackling the decorating of a room with red carpeting can prove a challenging task. Because of the dominant colour already in place on your floor, you will likely find your colour scheme quite limited. To ensure that any additions you make to the room, including wall colour changes, fit harmoniously with your flooring, you should dedicate care to picking hues that complement, not clash with, this bold carpet hue. By doing so, you can transform your potentially problematic red carpeting into a desirable room feature.

Seek warm hues to ensure that your carpet and walls are in the same palette. Even if you happen to love cool tones, like blues and greens, you shouldn't decorate this red-carpeted space in these colours. If you do, the cool tones clash with your already present warm red. Instead, select warm hues like yellows, oranges or creams to fill your space, ensuring harmony in your decorating palette.

Look for a non-dominant hue as your red carpet is already a dominant room feature. You will likely have the most success if you paint your walls in a hue that is a bit less attention-getting. If you try to splash red paint on your walls to mimic the carpet colour, for example, your room will be oppressively colourful. Let the red carpeting draw most of the attention, and pick a wall hue that will accent, not overpower, this already present feature.

Use furniture to tie the wall and the floor together. Seek furniture that has accents that complement the red carpet and pick other colours from the furniture with which to paint your walls. For example, if you select a sofa with a floral print, look for one that has flowers in a similar red to the red that is on your floor. Pull another less dominant colour, like a cream, out of this sofa and use this colour as your wall hue. By doing so, you can create cohesion in your design.

Lay swatches against the carpet to ensure that potential colour choices don't clash. Not all reds are the same. Don't attempt to match a brownish-tan with an orange-tint red or you'll experience disastrous results.

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