How to Build a Homemade Paintball Gun

Updated February 21, 2017

A paintball gun shoots a projectile that splatters coloured paint on a target. You can make a homemade paintball gun from a few items found around the home. You will also need a party balloon and paintballs from a hobby store or paintball supply shop. Wear old clothes when firing your paintball gun in case you should accidentally crush the paintball and get paint all over you.

Cut off the neck of the party balloon with the scissors. Throw the cut-off neck in the trash.

Stand the paper towel tube on a table. Stretch the opening of the party balloon over the end at the top of the paper towel tube.

Wrap duct tape twice around the party balloon where it meets the sides of the paper towel tube. Smooth the duct tape down with your fingers.

Go outside in your backyard. Hold your homemade paintball gun just in front of the duct tape at the back end with one hand. Aim the open end of your homemade paintball gun up. Drop a paintball into the open end with your other hand so that it falls down into the balloon at the other end.

Grab hold of the paintball and the balloon together with the fingers of your free hand. Aim your homemade paintball gun at a tree or rock.

Pull back on the paintball and balloon together. Stretch out the balloon. Release your fingers to fire the paintball at the tree or rock.


Wear protective eye gear when using your homemade paintball gun.


Don't fire a paintball gun at anyone who is not engaging in a paintball game with you.

Things You'll Need

  • Empty paper towel tube
  • Party balloon
  • Scissors
  • Duct tape
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