How to Recode a Combination Lock

Written by kahlea pendleton | 13/05/2017
How to Recode a Combination Lock
A combination lock has a sequence of numbers or symbols used to open it. (Combination lock set to 2008 image by palmer530 from

A combination lock is designed with a specific code to lock away your valuable belongings. Typically, only the owner of the lock has the combination code. If you have forgotten your combination code or someone has stolen or gained access to the combination code to your lock, you can reset your combination password, if you have a lock that allows you to reset it. If you are not sure if you can reset your combination code, check your owner's manual to find out if you have a combination lock that can be reset.

Set your padlock to the combination of 0000. Depress the shackle and your lock will unlock.

Insert the key that comes with your padlock. Then rotate the key 180 degrees and recode the combination lock with the new code that you desire to have on your padlock.

Turn the key back 180 degrees and pull the key out of the padlock. Scramble the dials and then depress the shackle and then the padlock will lock.

Enter your code to make sure that your new combination code is working properly. Unlock the combination lock and you're done.

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