How to Wire a Ford Fiesta 6000 CD Player

Updated July 20, 2017

The Ford Fiesta is a European-designed subcompact car. When the Fiesta's CD player stereo no longer operates properly, it will have to be removed and you will then need to install a new one. By following the right steps, you can install and wire a new stereo with the use of din-style release keys. Sold at most auto parts stores, din-style release keys are used to remove certain car stereos, specifically on the Ford Fiesta.

Park the Fiesta on a level surface.

Open the bonnet of the Fiesta and pull and disconnect the battery's negative cable. The battery is located at the passenger side, below the bonnet.

Place both din-style release keys into the holes found at either side of the Fiesta's stereo.

Pull out both din-style release keys from the holes.

Pull and unplug the wiring harness (also known as the wiring loom) and the antenna (also known as the aerial) located behind the stereo in order to remove the stereo from the Fiesta.

Plug a new wiring harness into each connecting wires located behind the new Fiesta stereo, and then place in a new aerial.

Twist and combine all the wires using a crimp tool and place the wires into a crimp cap by clasping at the centre of the cap.

Turn the Fiesta's stereo on to see if it operates properly and then assemble the stereo into place by snapping it back into the Fiesta's centre console.

Things You'll Need

  • Din-style release keys
  • Crimp tool
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