Lane Recliner Won't Recline

Updated February 21, 2017

Lane living room chairs are designed to provide maximum comfort and convenience for the user with their reclining mechanisms and extendable footrests. These recliners are sometimes prevented from moving back by the location of the chair or a fault with the mechanism. Many of the most common problems are fixable by rethinking the position of the chair or examining the mechanism. In the event of a more serious issue, many of Lane's recliners are covered by a lifetime mechanism warranty.

Verify the recliner has enough room to move back. Remove any furniture blocking the path of the recliner -- items like bookcases and tables can prevent the recliner from reaching your ideal position. Consider shifting the chair to another place in the room if it is hitting a wall or other immovable object.

Check you are putting enough pressure on the recliner's lever. It sometimes helps to lean back into the chair at the same time you push the lever below the right armrest. Make sure you move the lever to its furthest extent to fully recline the chair.

Examine the visible parts of the recliner's mechanism for obvious problems. Ensure nothing underneath the chair has become caught in the gears and that the recliner lever is free to move. Furniture like side tables can stop the lever being moved to the necessary position.

Extend the footrest, if possible, and note down your chair's serial number. The serial number is also located on the legal requirements notice supplied with the chair. Contact a Lane Certified Service Representative or authorised Lane Home Furnishings dealer for all repairs. The manufacturer's warranty only covers the recliner for damage due to faulty parts.


Many Lane recliners have a hook-and-loop tape closure on the back to allow easy viewing of the reclining mechanism.

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