How to Disassemble a La-Z-Boy Recliner Couch

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If you need to move your La-Z-Boy recliner couch into another room, it may be better to dismantle it instead of forcing it through a narrow doorway. Depending on the style of the couch, you may only need to remove the backrest to squeeze it into the room.

To make it easy to reassemble the sofa, label the various sections or take a digital picture before dismantling it. You can also download assembly instructions from the La-Z-Boy customer service website.

Remove any cushions, pillows and slipcovers and set them aside. Pull the couch several feet away from the wall. Ask an assistant to help you turn the couch upside down so you can access the legs. Unscrew the legs and set them aside.

Disconnect the sections of the couch, if you have a modular unit. La-Z-Boy modular sofas are connected by swing-arm latch brackets. Slide the arm into the unlocked position to release each bracket, then pull the couch sections apart.

Lift the bottom rear corners of the upholstery cover to expose the metal brackets inside the backrest. Release the levers of the brackets with the end of a screwdriver. With your assistant's help, lift the backrest out of the couch frame.