How to remove a peugeot 306 dashboard

Written by daniel valladares | 13/05/2017

The Peugeot 306 is a small car produced by the French company Peugeot between the years of 1993 and 2002, when it was replaced by the Peugeot 307. If your 306's dashboard is damaged, replace it as soon as you can. The dashboard of the 306 is secured through a series of bolts, nuts and screws. Removing the dashboard is a very involved process, so expect to spend over five hours taking it apart.

Open the bonnet of the 306, then disconnect the battery by using a socket wrench to remove the negative terminal and then the positive terminal.

Remove the centre console by removing the two bolts and two screws at the bottom of the console. Use a socket wrench to remove the bolts and a Torx screwdriver to remove the screws.

Pop off the rear ashtray with a flathead screwdriver. Remove the two Torx screws revealed by removing the ashtray with a Torx screwdriver.

Remove the two 10-mm nuts underneath the gear shifter with a socket wrench.

Remove the centre dash panel behind the shifter knob by removing its three Torx screws with a Torx screwdriver.

Remove the radio by using a flathead screwdriver to pry it out. Unplug the electrical-connector before removing the radio from the dash.

Remove the two 8-mm nuts on the centre dash panel.

Remove the three Torx screws behind the steering wheel to remove the steering wheel cover. Disconnect the electrical-connector of the airbag and lift it out of the steering wheel.

Remove the steering wheel bolt with a socket wrench, and pull the steering wheel out of the vehicle.

Remove the two screws securing the steering column covers with a Torx screwdriver, and pry the covers off with a flathead screwdriver.

Pull off the bottom portion of the centre dash panel to access the screws securing the clock in. Remove the two Torx screws with a Torx screwdriver, disconnect the clock's electrical-connector and pull the clock out of the Peugeot 306. Pull off the centre dash panel.

Remove the two screws securing the AC unit controls with a Phillips screwdriver.

Remove the two 10-mm bolts from the bottom of the left side of the dashboard with a socket wrench. Repeat this procedure with the two bolts on the right side of the dashboard.

Remove the single 10-mm bolt located where the radio was.

Uninstall the screws securing the wipers and wiper linkage to the vehicle, and lift them off to access the final three nuts securing the dash to the Peugeot. Remove the three nuts with a socket wrench, and slightly pull off the dashboard to reveal three electrical-connectors. Disconnect all three, then lift the dash out of the vehicle.

Things you need

  • Socket wrench
  • Torx screwdriver
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Phillips screwdriver

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