How to take a radio out of a mazda premacy


The Mazda Premacy is a compact minivan sold around the world. The Premacy is better known in the United States as the Mazda 5. The Premacy was introduced in 1999 and redesigned for the 2006 year model. It is a "world car," meaning the same vehicle is sold around the world, making radio removal instructions universal.

Disconnect your negative battery cable for before beginning the procedure.

Twist your shift knob counterclockwise to unscrew it from your console shifter. The knob is removed in the same manner whether you have an automatic or a manual transmission.

Use your hands to pry up the shifter trim panel. The panel is only attached by clips and will easily come off. Once the clips are disengaged, pull the trim panel over the shifter and set it aside.

Remove the single screw that is made visible once the trim panel is removed.

Use your hands to pull off the side-console trim panel (closest to the accelerator), and then remove the same panel on the opposite side of the console.

Remove the screw on each side of the console. They will become visible with the side-console trim panel removed.

Grab the console panel on each side and lift it to remove it from the centre console and shifter.

Remove the two screws made visible with the console panel removed. The screws are on the lower portion of the radio and climate control interface.

Remove the radio and climate control interface panel from the dash. Disconnect the factory wiring harness and the antenna cable.