How to hide a shoelace knot

Updated May 22, 2018

The traditional way to wear a tennis shoe or sneaker is to lace the shoe and tie a bow at the top of the laces. Today, many people prefer a look with the lacing showing on top but the bow completely hidden. To create a shoe look without a bow flopping from the top of the tongue, begin with lacing your shoe inside out, and take it from there.

Lace your shoe inside out from how you normally would lace it. Begin at the bottom of the row of eyelets, closest to the toe. Push one end of the shoelace through each eyelet hole at the bottom, but lace them from the outside in, instead of from the inside out.

Do a normal criss-cross type of lacing for the shoe, but keep lacing the eyelets from the outside in. You will have shoelace ends sticking up from the inside at the end of your eyelet rows at the top of the shoe.

Grasp the shoelace ends and tie them into a knot behind the shoe's tongue. Check the knot to make sure it will hold without slipping, then tuck the shoelace ends down inside the shoe or clip the ends off with a pair of scissors.

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