How to Set Up a Jagermeister Tap Machine

Updated April 17, 2017

Jagermeister is an alcoholic beverage with a unique taste. Due to it's high percentage of alcohol, it's often drunk as a shot or with a mixer. A popular mix is the "Jagerbomb," which consists of Jagermeister and Red Bull energy drink. A Jagermeister tap machine is a piece of barware used for dispensing cold shots.

Place the machine on a flat bar surface --- there must be at least 3 inches clear space at the back, and at least 1 inch on both sides to allow airflow for the refrigeration system. Connect the machine directly to the power socket.

Remove all packaging from the bottle support cage. Remove the four acorn nuts from the top of the machine and put them in a safe place.

Insert the feet on the bottle cage into the holes on top of the machine. Reinsert the acorn nuts and tighten to lock the bottle cage in place.

Remove the cap from your Jagermeister bottle. Insert the neck bottle stopper into the top of the bottle and push firmly down to seal it tightly.

Unsnap the dust cap from the bottle well --- this is located on the top on the bottle well. Carefully turn the bottle upside down and insert the bottle stopper into the hole; if the bottle stopper is inserted correctly, it will automatically begin to flow into the machine.

Place a glass underneath the spout of the machine. Press and hold the green button to activate the pump. Release the button once Jagermeister starts to flow from the tap.

Push the green button several times until the machine burps --- this releases any trapped air. Dispose of the liquid released and your machine is ready for use.

Things You'll Need

  • Bottles of Jagermeister
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