How to Create Funeral Mass Cards

Updated March 20, 2017

A Mass card is a remembrance card created for a deceased member's family. The card expresses condolences and lets the recipient know that she or her loved one will be remembered during the announced intentions at a Mass. To have an intention heard, a donation usually must be made to the church and arrangements made for when the intention will be heard. Cards can be obtained from parish offices or purchased through Catholic societies. They can also be handmade.

Contact the church that will celebrate the Mass. Make arrangements with the parish office establishing the date of the Mass for the deceased. In addition, according to etiquette, a donation should be made to the church. Donations are typically £3 to £6 per Mass. Once a date is secured, a Mass card can be created.

Open a word processing program and choose a template to create a greeting card. On the front of the card, add a picture of the deceased or a picture of some form of spiritual art. Under the picture, insert text such as "Sympathy," "A Prayer Offering" or other comforting language.

View the inside of the greeting card on the computer screen. Search online for "Mass card text" to locate something appropriate. Appropriate text can begin "In Prayerful Sympathy, [deceased's name] has been enrolled with the [church name] and will be remembered in prayer on [date]." Another option is "A Mass will be celebrated for the soul of [deceased's name] at [church name] on [date]." Include in the text the name of the deceased, name of the church celebrating the Mass and date of the Mass.

Review the card to ensure the layout is what you desire and that there are no errors. Print the card on card stock, fold, sign and mail.


Funeral Mass cards do not have to be home-made. They can be picked up in a Catholic parish office or purchased online. Regardless of how a Mass card is created or obtained, it is important to make arrangements for a Mass date and provide a donation with the Catholic Church to have the Mass heard. Search for "funeral Mass cards" or "Catholic Mass cards" to view selections and purchase online.

Things You'll Need

  • Card stock
  • Digital image of the deceased or spiritual image
  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Envelope
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