How to Use a Swaddleme Swaddling Blanket

According to the "Pediatrics" journal, swaddling calms infants and decreases the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Also called bundling, swaddling is a technique that involves wrapping an infant, so her legs and arms are tucked into a blanket. Today, mothers practice swaddling to create a sleep habit and reduce the amount of spontaneous waking during sleep. Infants, particularly newborns, are prone to sudden waking by self-startling. The SwaddleMe swaddling blanket offers a simple three-step process to swaddle your infant.

Insert baby's feet into bottom pouch and align shoulders with top of SwaddleMe. If the infant's shoulders extend past the top of the SwaddleMe, then her feet need to be farther into the pouch. The SwaddleMe swaddle blanket usually fits infants up to 5 months of age.

Work with the leftwing and cross it over the baby's torso. Tuck the leftwing under the baby's right arm. Open the hook-and-loop tape cover in the lower centre of the leftwing and attach to the top of the bottom pouch. This secures the blanket from coming undone.

Wrap the rightwing across the leftwing. Open the hook-and-loop tape cover patches and secure the rightwing to the centre of the leftwing. The swaddle should be snug, not tight.


Wrapping your swaddling blanket too tight can cause a dislocated hip. Do not swaddle your infant in extreme heat; this may cause a rash on your child and result in overheating. Stop swaddling once your child learns to roll over.

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