How to Win an Aries Male's Heart

Written by jen oda | 13/05/2017
How to Win an Aries Male's Heart
Aries men are fearless, assertive and interested in living life to the fullest. (fire sign-aries image by araraadt from

Men born under the sign Aries are influenced by the planet Mars. Their personalities reflect the fiery planet. They are naturally passionate, energetic, independent, bold and spontaneous. These men are ambitious and hardworking, and appreciate a partner who has similar values. They are action-oriented. They see themselves as leaders and move boldly in the direction of their goals. You must be able to keep up with the pace of an Aries man and have the brains to challenge him if you want to win his love.

Be yourself. Aries men hate superficiality and insincerity. They are open and honest with their friends and expect the same from you. Do not be afraid to tactfully state your opinions and beliefs or to disagree with him. Confidence in yourself and who you are is attractive and appealing.

Take time and care in your appearance. All men, and Aries men are no exception, appreciate the beauty of a woman. Exercise to keep your body in shape and your energy and mind clear. Wear clean clothes that complement your natural beauty. Style your hair and wear tasteful make-up to highlight your best features. Taking care of your physical appearance is an essential component of your sex appeal.

Exude high positive energy. Aries men are very energetic and need a partner who can complement their energy, not shy away from it. They love challenges and adventure and are attracted to extroverts. Shine your energy around your Aries man. Invite him to exciting adventures and events that he has never experienced before. Show him you are courageous, interesting and bold without going over the top, and he will be drawn to you.

Socialise. Aries men are very social guys. They have many friends and enjoy the company of a lot of people. Be open to social situations and converse with their friends. Talk, joke and laugh with your Aries man. Show him that you are intelligent, witty and socially charming. Their social group is an important part of their life and if you want to be a part of it, you must be confident in your conversation skills.

Support your Aries man. Whatever his fancy, encourage him and show interest in his endeavours. Aries men are very passionate and their work is close to their heart. Listen to what he says and how he feels. If you show him that you appreciate his work, he will see that you are more than just a possible love interest, but a valuable friend.

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