How to Replace Hoses on Dysons

Updated November 21, 2016

Suction is crucial to the operation of any Dyson vacuum cleaner. A noticeable drop in suction can indicate on obstruction somewhere in the vacuum cleaner or even a tear in the vacuum hose. The suction hose is located on the back of a Dyson. The hose directs debris from the mouth of the hose to the vacuum's filter and collection bin. Torn or damaged hoses must be replaced for the vacuum to operate optimally. Replacement hoses are available directly through Dyson.

Stand the Dyson vacuum cleaner upright. Check that the vacuum is unplugged.

Pinch the tip of the extended reach wand at the very top of the Dyson machine. Pull the wand up until it "clicks" in place.

Press the tab or tabs at the base of the wand handle, and separate the upper end of the hose from the wand. Older models, such as the DC14, have two tabs. New models, like the DC25, have a single tab.

Trace the hose to its base. Look for a button near the side of the hose. Press the button and separate the base of the hose from the vacuum. Older models, such as the DC07 and DC14, will not have a button. If there is no button, proceed to Step 5.

Pinch the tab on the backside of the sleeve that is attached to the base of the hose. Lift the sleeve from the vacuum and separate the base of the hose from the sleeve.

Fit the cuff at the end of the replacement hose into the hose inlet at the base of the Dyson. The cuff will "click" into place.

Press the top end of the replacement hose into the bottom of the wand handle, listening for a "click."

Push the extended reach wand down into the hose. Models such as the Dyson DC14 will have a wand release button at the front of the wand. The button must be pressed while the wand is pushed down into the hose.

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