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How to Troubleshoot a Dyson Vacuum Hose That is Not Working

Updated February 21, 2017

New Dyson vacuums come with a five-year manufacturer's warranty, which means you shouldn't have to worry about expensive repairs or replacements within that time frame, as long as you don't abuse your vacuum. However, the hassle of being without a vacuum while yours is under repair may make the prospect of troubleshooting your unit before taking the manufacturer's repair route more convenient in the long run. If you suspect your Dyson upright vacuum hose is clogged or otherwise in disrepair, you can effortlessly troubleshoot it before worrying about contacting the company.

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Unplug the vacuum.

Extend the wand from the hose. Lift the wand cover, then press the brightly-coloured release button on the front of the hose. While the button is depressed, lift the wand upward until it clicks into place.

Remove the wand from the hose. Grab the base of the wand handle, and press the buttons located on both sides of the hose just below the handle. Push them at the same time as you lift the handle away from the hose.

Plug the vacuum back in, and turn it on to test. Place your hand over the end of the hose. If suction is strong, the problem lies within the wand. If suction is weak, the problem may be inside the hose.

Remove obstructions from the wand, if the trouble appears to be with that portion of your Dyson vacuum. Insert the broom handle into the end of the wand, and slide it through to release and remove any blockage. Replace the wand by pushing the end of the hose back into the end from which it was removed, and turn the vacuum back on to test.

Remove the hose from the vacuum unit, if the trouble did not originate inside the wand. Unplug the vacuum and pull the hose away from the unit. Look toward the bottom of the hose where it attaches to the vacuum. Place your fingertip behind the brightly-coloured tab that sticks up from the base of the hose. Pull it outward gently as you pull the hose away from the vacuum.

Look into the end of the hose. If you see an obstruction, remove it. Even if you do not see that a blockage exists, place the broom handle gently into the end of the hose, and push it through to ensure no hidden obstructions are present.

Evaluate the condition of the hose. Look for holes through which air may leak. If an obvious hole or other damage exists, contact Dyson for information on product support and replacement.

Reattach the hose if it appears to be in sound condition. Place the end of the hose back into the base of the unit, and press gently until it clicks into position. Put the other end of the hose into the wand, and push it until it also clicks into place. Plug the vacuum back in, and turn it on to test. If the vacuum still does not work or suction is weak, the hose is not the culprit. Contact Dyson for additional assistance.


The Dyson support number is 866-693-9766. A representative will help you determine the best method of correcting the problem, whether it involves locating an authorised service centre or shipping the unit to the Dyson facility for repair.

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  • Broom handle

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