How to Fix Stretched Ear Lobes

Updated April 17, 2017

If your ear lobes become stretched out from heavy earrings or from gauge piercings that you no longer want, you will need to do a few things to repair them. If it is an ordinary ear piercing you want to shrink or close, you won't have to go through much effort to fix them. However, with tears or gauge piercings, you have to see a doctor.

Remove your earrings if your lobes are moderately stretched and replace them with the smallest studs you have that won't slip out. Or, don't wear any earrings at all. The holes will shrink down to a smaller size within six weeks.

Cleanse your ear lobes with a gentle antimicrobial soap and apply rubbing alcohol if they are torn to protect them from infection. Also, if you experience pain, take acetaminophen or ibuprofen to alleviate it.

See a doctor immediately if your ear lobes are torn, or if you have gauge piercings that you no longer want. He or she will recommend a plastic surgeon to you who can repair the damage your ears sustained.


To avoid sustaining a stretched or torn ear lobe, don't wear heavy earrings at all or earrings when you sleep. If you have young children, avoid wearing dangling earrings while playing with them to avoid an accidental pull that can stretch or tear your ear lobes.


Be aware that surgical ear lobe repair can be expensive, costing anywhere from £520 to £2,925, depending on the damage to your ears. The best way to avoid the need for the procedure is to be cautious, and to not get gauge piercings unless you are absolutely sure you want them and will keep them.

Things You'll Need

  • Light stud earrings
  • Antimicrobial soap
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Painkiller, if necessary
  • Medical care, including surgery
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