How to make tiger stripe patterns

Updated May 30, 2018

Tiger stripes are an elegant, striking, and distinct design. The pattern is seen on upholstered furniture, lunch bags, clothing, car seat covers, bed spreads, scrap booking pages, fashion accessories and much more. The process of creating this stylish design is fast and simple.

Painting stripes

Load a soft bristled, medium round brush with black paint.

Press the tip of the brush to the paper. Slide the tip a short distance across the page, less than 13 mm (1/2 inch). Then slowly press down and slide until the wide part of the brush is fully pressing on the paper.

Lift slowly, still sliding across the page, until the mark being made tapers off to a point again. There should be a point on both sides and it should be thick in the middle, just like a tiger stripe.

Practice this stroke until you have perfected it.

Paint multiple horizontal strokes that are roughly parallel to one another but staggered to create a tiger stripe pattern.

Marker stripes

Print off a tiger stripe pattern from the Internet.

Cut out the stripes on the design you printed. This will make a stencil.

Hold stencil firmly over another piece of paper. Tape the edges of the stencil to the other piece of paper for added security.

Use a black marker to fill in the spaces of the stencil.

Lift the stencil to see your tiger stripe creation.

Paper stripes

Print off a tiger stripe pattern from the Internet.

Cut out the stripes on the design you printed. This will make a stencil.

Place your stencil over black paper. Hold stencil firmly in place or tape it down to the black paper at the edges.

Trace the shape of stencil onto the black paper using a pencil. Cut out the stripes you have traced on the black paper.

Place the stripes you have cut out onto another piece of paper that is a lighter colour. Choose orange or white if you want to stick to traditional tiger colours. Arrange the stripes so that they are horizontal, roughly parallel and staggered.

Glue pattern in place once you're satisfied with the arrangement.

Things You'll Need

  • Soft bristled, medium round paint brush
  • Black paint
  • Paper
  • Tiger print pattern reference
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Black paper
  • Pencil
  • Glue
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