How to: Makeup for Women Over 50 Years

Updated March 23, 2017

One of the most important ways to take care of your skin as you age is to utilise moisturiser. Reduce the signs of ageing by applying night and day cream. Choose make-up that already has moisturiser in it to avoid make-up that makes wrinkles more noticeable. In addition, pick out colours of make-up that flatter your skin and draw attention away from any signs of ageing. Go for make-up colours that are light and natural.

Apply moisturiser daily before you apply your make-up. Moisturiser keeps your skin hydrated, and it helps avoid creases in make-up. Put on day cream and night cream even if you do not wear make-up that day.

Know that some make-up products come with moisturiser in them. Find a tinted moisturiser for days when you don't need full coverage. Pick out a lip product that has moisturiser in it as well, to avoid creases around your lips.

Do not overload your face with foundation. Lightly apply foundation to even out your skin tone but do not cake foundation on to your skin. Choose foundation that closely matches your skin tone.

Stick with classic make-up colours. Do not try to keep up with the trends examined in fashion magazines. One of the benefits of being over 50 is that you should know yourself and your skin very well.

Choose a light pink lipstick. Light pink is flattering without looking like you are trying too hard. Wear the light pink lipstick on everyday errands and when you play up your eyes.


Pick out moisturiser appropriate for your age. Even if you had a favourite moisturiser in your 30s, it might not work for you now, since most women's skin gets dryer as they age.


Avoid heavy blush. Lightly utilise a brush to add some blush and bronzer. Do not let the make-up on your cheeks be noticeable.

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