How to Become a Pandora Jewelry Sales Rep

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The Pandora jewellery company was started in 1982 by a Danish goldsmith and his wife. In 1999 the Pandora charm bracelet was introduced, and is the piece that most people think of when they hear "Pandora jewellery." These charm bracelets use beads and other charms to customise a piece to the owner's liking. There are more 2,000 Pandora employees worldwide, according to Pandora's company profile.

Apply for a job directly with Pandora by going to the "Jobs" page on their website or online job search sites. You can find the Pandora link in the Resources section. Pandora looks for sales representatives who have prior retail experience, charismatic personalities and good communication skills, according to a job posting for a Pandora retail store at Village Pointe.

Get a job with a jewellery store that sells Pandora jewellery. A jewellery store job may not allow you to only specialise in Pandora jewellery, but you will get a chance to work with the jewellery, as well as other high-end jewellery brands.

Sell Pandora jewellery wholesale. You will need a resale tax ID. You can get this ID from the specific state government in which you wish to sell. Selling Pandora jewellery wholesale gives you the flexibility to sell it where and when you want to. Mall kiosks, jewellery shows, flea markets, home jewellery shows and eBay are a few different places at which you can sell it.

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