How to Dye a Man's White Hair to Grey

Updated November 21, 2016

Dying hair is a good way to change your appearance drastically by just altering one minor feature about yourself. It allows you to give yourself a specific persona based on the colour that you choose. White hair is one of the easiest hair colours to dye because it lacks pigmentation, so it takes much less colour to complete. Dying your hair from white to grey is easier still because it only takes a small amount of grey dye to change such a similar colour.

Purchase a hair dye kit of a grey shade. This kind of dye kit may be found at any local hair care or beauty shop nearby. Simply pick out what shade of grey you want your hair to be from the selection that the store carries. If you do not find a colour that fits your wants, look at another store or search for colours to purchase online.

Wet your hair down entirely in a tub or at the sink. If you do not have much hair, wetting it at the sink will be easiest.

Put on the latex gloves that come with your hair dye kit. If your kit does not come with these gloves, use any lightweight rubber or latex glove that you might have in your home.

Apply the hair dye, following the instructions on the kit you purchased. Use only about half of the dye amount suggested on the kit. Do this because white hair will require much less pigment and men's hair is much shorter and usually thinner than female hair, which the kit is more likely to be geared towards.

Allow the dye to sit in your hair no longer than the amount of time specified on the kit. Wash the dye out with cool water over a sink or tub.

Dry hair off with a blow-dryer set on low to medium-low. Once your hair is dry, see if the colour is as dark as you want it. If you were looking for a darker shade of grey, repeat the dying process until the colour suits you. If the colour is too dark, you will have to wait for the dye to grow out to retry.

Things You'll Need

  • Hair Dye Kit
  • Latex Gloves
  • Water
  • Hair-Dryer
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