How to decorate with small fish bowls for weddings

Updated April 17, 2017

Small fish bowls offer a unique way to personalise your wedding rehearsal dinner or reception tables. You can use them as centrepieces to hold embellishments such as fresh flowers, rose petals or other floral adornments. Creating the perfect floral fish bowl centrepiece is an inexpensive and easy process that provides picturesque results which both you and your guests can enjoy.

Select the type of flower or floral adornment that best complements the theme and mood of your wedding rehearsal or reception. Single coloured rose petals or a delicate flower such as a lily can create a more intimate ambience, whereas a brightly coloured or dramatic flower such as bird of paradise can support a more vibrant setting.

Choose the style and colour of small fish bowl that best accommodates and harmonises with your floral choice. If you are using bloomed flowers, make sure the fish bowl is large enough to house them without crowding. If you are using rose petals, pick a shallower fish bowl to avoid a compacted look when viewing from the side.

Arrange to purchase and store rose petals or fresh flowers according to the particular care needs for each. You can purchase freeze-dried rose petals to eliminate freshness care; just store them in a protective box at room temperature until use. Bloomed flowers should be received fresh, preferably the day of use, and stored upright in a cool place until they are displayed. Solicit specific care directions from your florist.

Plan how to lay your flowers or rose petals inside the fishbowl. Organising the floral design reduces wear on the flowers or rose petals from going through repeated trial placements.

Create the floral fish bowl centrepieces according to your design on the day of use. Gently place flowers or rose petals in the fish bowls to reduce the chance of wearing.

Place the centrepieces on the tables. For a more elaborate display, lay extra rose petals or flowers around the fish bowl centrepieces, while still keeping them away from the serving utensils.


Use freeze-dried rose petals over fresh. Freeze-dried petals can be purchased in advance and last indefinitely, whereas fresh petals can wither quickly and even stain if pressed. Purchase extra flowers and rose petals in case of accidental wearing. Choose the size of fish bowl that best suits your table size. For intimate tables with fewer people, use smaller fishbowls, Use larger fishbowls for larger tables.

Things You'll Need

  • Small fish bowls
  • Fresh flowers or rose petals
  • Protective storing box
  • Cool location
  • Upright fresh flower holder
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