How to Get Mew in "Pokemon: FireRed"

Updated April 17, 2017

"Pokemon: FireRed" is an upgraded version of the "Pokemon Red" game that was first published in 1996. This game was published by Nintendo and designed for the Game Boy Advance hand-held gaming system. In the original "Pokemon Red," the Mew character could be obtained only through the Nintendo company, and there was no way to catch the creature. However, you can obtain Mew in "Pokemon: FireRed" with a GBA Action Replay device.

Slide the "Pokemon: FireRed" game into the GBA Action Replay device and attach the device to the bottom of your Game Boy Advance.

Turn on both the GBA Action Replay device and your Game Boy. Choose the "Code Entry" option to open the code entry screen.

Type the following code directly into the code entry screen:

92260D64 28E61FC9

71D615F6 B41C381B

0D280703 38963967

A4144E58 825677D8

F161D5A4 48F9A2DB

33484F68 A56E77E0

D9942118 228420E7

BBB261C7 60CA157C


3E888B0F ECF35A34

13F1DDB5 F92F747C

5DF00218 A3A1FA5E

E07CF65A 99C82988

8B359280 96B97011

F3C920F0 939FB45E

4681C2C8 CAAFD263

B74BFA2D 24733F53

3354F609 3CB6AF8A

1354C1C3 D10F24B0

D93F2C31 16F87180

Hit "Enter," and Mew should appear in Box 1, Slot 1 of your Pokemon listings.

Things You'll Need

  • GBA Action Replay device
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