How to Make Viking Leather Wristbands

Updated July 20, 2017

The Vikings were a group of Scandinavian warriors and explorers who colonised and raided large areas along the European coast lines. One of the common themes found throughout Viking culture is an affinity for braiding and weaving for added effect and texture. You can easily make your own Viking wristbands out of leather to create handsome and authentic looking pieces of jewellery for everyday wear or adding detail to a Viking costume.

Lay one of the leather laces so it is running horizontally and set the second one on top of the first running vertically. The horizontal lace should be positioned one third of the way up the vertical one to form a cross shape.

Tie the bottom lace around the top vertical one so that both sides of the horizontal lace are equal in length. By tying the laces together your braid will stay in place.

Pass the right half of the horizontal lace over the vertical lace so it ends up pointing down and to the left. Slide the left half under the vertical lace so it is pointing down and to the right.

Pick up the new right half of the horizontal lace and pass it back over the vertical one so it is now pointing down and to the left. Slide the new left strand under the vertical lace so it is pointing down and to the right.

Braid the rest of the horizontal lace in the pattern until you reach the end. Always pass the right side over the vertical lace and pass the left side underneath.

Tie the ends of the braided lace around the vertical lace to secure the braid weave. Trim the braid ends with scissors so the lace looks clean and tidy.

Wrap the braided wristband around your wrist and tie the loose lace ends together. Trim the laces to a neat length so they are not dragging or too short.


You can use extra strands of lace to make the braid for a thicker wristband.


Do not tie the wristband too tight on your wrist or you could cut off your circulation.

Things You'll Need

  • Leather laces
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