How to Program an E-Flite ESC

Updated April 17, 2017

The E-Flite ESC is a speed controller that you can connect to the transmitter for your favourite remote control aeroplane or helicopter to give you more control options while you are soaring through the skies in your backyard or park. The E-Flite ESC will allow you to control motor timing and motor breaking for your remote control plane to give you better performance and maneuverability in the air. Programming this device to work with your planes only takes a few minutes.

Disconnect the battery cable from the E-Flite ESC and keep it disconnected for at least 30 seconds to allow the memory of the device to reset. Turn the controller for your plane on and press the "Throttle" to the maximum position.

Reconnect the battery cable for the ESC. You will hear a beep indicating that the device is powered on. Wait 5 seconds for a second beep indicating that the device has recognised your remote control.

Move the "Throttle" control on your ESC to the centre position. Wait 5 seconds for the ESC to recognise this position. You will hear another beep. Move the "Throttle" back to the maximum position and wait 5 seconds for another beep. Move the "Throttle" back to the centre position and wait again for 5 seconds. This time you will hear three consecutive beeps.

Move the "Throttle" back to the maximum position to turn the automatic braking control on. Move the "Throttle" down to the off position to turn automatic braking off. When you have made your selection, disconnect the battery from the ESC device to save your programming and reconnect it within 30 seconds.

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