How to Learn to Drive on Wii

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The Nintendo Wii is no replacement for true driver's education, but the interactive gaming console is a useful introduction tool to the world of driving. The use of the wireless Wii remote and different Wii accessories can make the most realistic video game driving experience possible. Learning to drive with the Wii requires less game play and more concentration on the actual driving aspect. With specific goals in mind, learning to drive on the Wii is the first step to driving in real life.

Play realistic driving games. Games like "Mario Kart Wii" and "Madagascar Kartz" are arcade styled games that exaggerate driving styles and do not feature realistic driving. Choose more realistic driving games like the "Need for Speed" series and "Build 'N Race."

Use a Wii steering wheel adaptor. The Wii remote slips horizontally right into the centre of the steering wheel. For more realistic driving, use a full circular steering wheel so you can position your hands anywhere. A steering wheel with a base will help keep more control and stability while racing.

Sit down while you play the game. Even though a gas and brake accessory are not available for the Wii, sitting down in a chair while playing will help recreate the front seat of a car. Not only will you learn to drive better, but you become more comfortable with steering wheel positions and proper driving posture.

Set the game into first person point of view. Some car games play in third person, where the view is basically hovering over the top of the car. First person point of view will make everything seem like you are actually in the front of seat of the car and must use the mirrors and windshield to see the surroundings.

Use a big screen television to play the games. Especially while in first person point of view, it may be a lot harder to see surroundings, so playing on a larger television will make things easier and closer to the aspect ratio of real life driving.

Play in "Free Driving Mode." Instead of playing levels or doing races, use the free mode where you can just drive around. This will allow you to relax and actually learn the different functions of a car. Practice reversing, parking, turning and other functions of driving.

Use an experienced driver to help train you on the Wii. Instead of guessing and trying out different methods on your own, enlist the help of a parent or friend who has driven for years. They can give you tips and challenges to try on the Wii to help improve driving.

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