How to Amplify a Landline Telephone

Written by raul avenir | 13/05/2017
How to Amplify a Landline Telephone
The volume of a landline telephone can be amplified by using an in-line amplifier. (telephone set image by Astroid from

Landline telephones have handsets that contain a microphone on one end and a small speaker on the other. The sound volume coming from the handset speaker, even if set at maximum level, is only loud enough to be heard by an average person with normal hearing. Anybody who has a hearing problem will find it difficult to hear the voice of the person on the other end of the line. Learn how you can amplify a landline telephone to remedy the situation.

Open the battery compartment of your telephone amplifier and install the batteries as instructed by its user guide. Replace the cover after installing the batteries.

Hold the handset cord and unplug the cord from the telephone base. The handset cord refers to the spiral cord that connect the handset to the telephone base.

Hold the modular connector that you unplugged from the telephone base in step 1, and plug it into the jack marked "handset" at the bottom or side of the telephone amplifier.

Hold the telephone patch cord attached to the amplifier, and plug the modular connector at its end into the jack left vacant when you unplugged the handset cord from the telephone base in step 1.

Turn on the amplifier by pressing the "Boost" or "On" button, lift the handset, and listen for a dial tone. Adjust the volume control knob to your desired volume.

Things you need

  • Telephone amplifier

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