How to make pom poms for baby's hat

Updated April 17, 2017

Pom poms are colourful, fluffy ball-shaped items used for decorating hats and clothes. Wool pom poms, for example, can be a fun decoration or accent for a baby hat. Whether using simple cardboard rings or a more intricate tool, making pom poms features a basic method of wrapping wool around a circular object and trimming around the edge with scissors. Making pom poms is a great way to recycle bits of wool left over from larger projects. You may soon find yourself sewing one on top of every hat you make.

Trace two circles on a piece of heavy cardboard. Use the compass to mark the right size or trace around a lid. The larger the circle, the fatter your pom will be. A circle 3.7 cm (1 1/2 inches) in diameter will be large enough for a baby's hat.

Cut out the circles. Next, trace a smaller circle in the middle, approximately 1/3 of the bigger circle, and cut it out. Use a scalpel-type art knife to make the job easier. You now have two pieces of doughnut-shaped cardboard.

Cut a long string of wool that you can pull through the centre ring. Thread one end of the wool through a darning needle to make the work go faster.

Hold the two rings together and pull the wool almost all the way through the centre. Hold the end of the wool to keep it in place and begin to sew the other end of the yarn through the centre repeatedly, pulling through tightly and wrapping the strands side by side until the entire circle is covered.

Cut all the way around the outside of the wool, guiding the blade of your scissors between the two cardboard circles.

Pull the circles apart just enough that you can wrap a short piece of wool around the cut yarn. Tie the short section off tight to hold the pom together and slide the cardboard rings off the pom, away from each other.

Fluff the wool all the way around to make a ball. Roll the pom pom between your hands lightly to give it shape. Use the scissors to snip off any ends that are too long. You can now attach the pom pom to your baby's hat.

Things You'll Need

  • Worsted-weight wool
  • Cardboard
  • Compass or circular object to trace around
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Art knife (optional)
  • Darning needle (optional)
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