How to Design a Road Safety Poster

Updated March 24, 2017

Road safety is a concern for everyone, as every day people are killed or injured. Educating people about road safety issues is an important part of improving the statistics, and road safety posters are a short, sharp visual way to create awareness. To design an effective road safety poster you have to combine suggestive images with punchy text to get people's immediate attention and to leave a lasting impression. No matter if you are designing a road safety poster to enter a contest, or as part of a class project, designing a poster is a creative way to get your message across.

Pick a theme for your road safety poster. A road safety poster can address only one issue -- 2 young 2 die, bike helmets, young drivers -- so decide what it is going to be and stick to it.

Start an ideas file. Take a look at road safety posters and see what themes appeal to you. Cut photographs from magazines, download clip-art images from the Internet, take photos that you might be able to use. If, for example, your theme is bike helmets, take a picture of your younger brother putting on his helmet before he gets on his bike.

Sketch a draft road safety poster. Decide if you are going to use poster paper or cardboard or if you are going to use a template to design your road safely poster.

Use colour, lots of it. Colour attracts attention, so go for bright and bold colours and images.

Play with the design and let your creative juices flow. Get the images from your ideas file and spread them out on a table in front of you. On a piece of white paper or cardboard the size of the poster you want to make, arrange the pictures and see what effect you can design.

Draft two or three posters. Leave your first road safety attempts for a day or so and then return to them with a fresh eye. See which road safety poster best conveys your theme message.

Ask family and friends which poster they like best. Also get the reasons for their choices, as that may help you fine-tune your road safety poster design.

Things You'll Need

  • Poster paper
  • Coloured markers
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