Easy Homemade Children's Clown Costumes

Making a clown costume allows you to use your imagination because every clown costume is unique. Clown costumes don't have to cost you any money. In fact, it is likely you can make your own homemade clown costume without spending a penny. You can put together a child's clown costume in minutes with a few cosmetic items and some old clothes.

Find old clothes for your child's clown costume. Bright splashy colours, bold patterns and mismatched items make good pieces for clown apparel. Suspenders also add to a clown costume. You will also need an oversized bow tie and a pair of big shoes. You can stuff the toe of the shoes with newspaper to make them fit better.

Paint your child's face like a clown with make-up. Red lipstick works well for the tip of the nose and around the mouth. You may want to make red circles on the cheeks. Use other colours to make shapes around the eyes. Consider using various colours of make-up to create an expressive face; tear drops, dimples or rainbows can all be incorporated into the clown face.

Incorporate a crazy wig. Curly wigs with bright colours are good for clowns. If you have no wig, you can make one using a winter cap and coloured construction paper. Cut the construction paper in strips. Make circular rings out of the different colours of construction paper. Use glue to attach the circles to the hat so they look like curls. You can also make a wig by sewing yarn to a hat. You can make pig tails or braids or just sew it all over the hat in a "crazy" fashion.

Things You'll Need

  • Make-up
  • Big shoes
  • Old clothes
  • Bow tie
  • Wig
  • Suspenders
  • Newspaper
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